The One Employee Exit Interview Question You Don'T Want To Skip, And It's About Benefits

63 percent of HR professionals act upon the feedback they compile from employees during exit interviews. And, according to 13 percent of these same professionals, they pay no attention to complaints and suggestions.

If you ask us, that seems like a waste of an exit interview. After all, they present the best opportunity to see what needs work and what employees like, paving the way for improvements.

One area many HR professionals don’t focus on when it comes to exit interviews is benefits. But, why not? We discuss this below.

Most Exit Interviews Focus on the Same (Predictable) Core Areas...

When any organization has an exit interview, they often focus on a few of the same questions:

  • Updating Job Descriptions - 29 percent
  • Feedback About Management - 24 percent
  • Work Environment/Company Culture - 22 percent
  • Salary Structures - 19 percent

So, where’s the discussion about benefits?

Only 5 percent review benefits with employees during an exit interview. But when you consider how important benefits are to retaining and attracting talent, it would seem as if these efforts are a bit misguided. Moreover, it suggests that many companies still believe salaries are more important than benefits (but, as we’ve discussed, this isn’t true either).

Why You Should Always Ask About Benefits in Exit Interviews

The world of benefits is a dynamic and changing field. There are always new benefits getting offered and other benefits that are falling by the wayside (at least in terms of importance). And as such, it’s important to tune in to how your employees respond to what you’ve offered in the past.

Remember, workers that are no longer going to be working for your company are often the most honest employees you have. They are more willing to share their criticism of benefits (or any other areas) that they believe you should address. Chances are, their feedback isn’t unlike that which current employees would offer as well.

Take One Simple Step to Improve Employee Benefits Today

If you could improve your employees’ satisfaction and engagement with your benefits offerings, would you? After all, you provide them for a reason (i.e. for employees to take advantage of them). With Flock, you can do just that.

Flock is the HR software the keeps you compliant, centralizes all data, and maintains open access to benefits 24/7 from anywhere. This allows your employees to understand and take advantage of the benefits they have.

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Tell us: How do you conduct your exit interviews? Do you regularly question employees about benefits? Why or why not?

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