The Secrets Behind Maintaining Employee Happiness

Productivity, loyalty, and commitment have three things in common: They’re all directly tied to employee happiness. After all, why would any unhappy employee want to be productive or remain loyal or committed to your company?

In short, they won’t.

Lucky for you, employee happiness is directly tied to workplace benefits. In fact, eight out of ten employees evaluate benefits as a deciding factor when looking for new work and benefits are among the top two factors related to job satisfaction.

Relatedly, the unhappiest workers are often those with less-than-desirable benefits plans or poor health (the latter of which is often a reflection of the first). And when you want to amp up the happiness in your SMB, turning to health and benefits is a great place to start.

Secret #1: Get Your Employees Healthy

78 percent of healthy employees report being satisfied with their current job whereas just 51 percent of those in poor health report the same. The clear message? Get your employees healthy first if you expect them to be happy!

To support general wellness, offer medical and dental insurance along with vision plans. Doing so allows your employees to comprehensively address their health needs that will have them feeling (and working) great both in and out of the office.

Secret #2: Protect Their Income

No employee wants to feel as if they aren’t going to be well-provided for should something happen. However, the potential for injury or illness can leave many feeling uncertain and unstable, which can easily decrease happiness as well. Disability and life insurance can help provide necessary reassurance.

Short- and long-term disability will protect anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of your employee’s income should they be unable to work. You can even offer supplemental insurance to further decrease the blow of a diminished salary. Likewise, term life insurance protects your employees and their loved ones, providing additional peace of mind that they’re protected.

Secret #3: Protect Their Savings

Insurance can be incredibly complicated when it comes to certain illnesses. As such, it can be difficult for employees to sustain a standard of living if they fall ill with cancer or are involved in a serious accident.

You can help employees protect their savings and future by offering accident insurance, critical illness insurance, and other options. Of course, this is at your discretion. However, if you want employees of all ages to feel as if they’re accounted for and have been thought of, offering these more uncommon options is a great way to do so.

Employee Retention and Happiness Begins With Flock

Retaining employees means making them happy, and there’s no better way to do that than with Flock. Flock is a HR software that makes managing benefits simple, keeps your SMB in compliance with state and federal regulations, connects your employees through social networking tools, and more. The result? One, centralized system that makes running the HR-side of your business simple (employee happiness included).

To get started for Flock for free, sign up here. Making and keeping your employees happy just got a whole lot simpler.

We want to know your thoughts: Do you believe benefits are directly connected to employee happiness? Has this been the case for your business? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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