Top 5 Tips For Working From Home

Top 5 Tips For Working From Home


Most businesses in the country now are close to their third month of working from home. While some of us have adjusted well to the ‘new normal’, for most of us this continues to be unchartered waters. Flock has a small distributed team and we recently exchanged ideas on how to stay engaged and more productive working from home….. here are our ‘Top 5 Work From Home Tips’

  1. Have a dedicated workspace
    It’s very tempting to work from your couch or bed, but not only is this terrible for your posture, it also confuses work space with leisure space.  If you’re lucky enough to have a home office, use that as your dedicated workspace.  If not, a simple desk tucked into a corner will also work well.  It’s of course best if you can have your workspace separate from your leisure space, but this is not always possible.  I personally have a desk in my bedroom that I’ve designated solely for my work space.
  2. Keep to a routine
    Just because you can get out of bed at 8:59am for that 9am conference call, it doesn’t mean you should.  Especially when working from home full-time, it’s important to stick to a morning routine.  You don’t have to put on the power suit, but having coffee, showering, and getting ready for your day as usual will help you feel better prepared to work.
  3. Leave Home
    It’s very easy to feel like you never leave your house while working from home. To protect your mental health, make sure to get out of the house at least once a day.  A quick walk or run to the coffee shop will do a world of good.  
  4. Power down at a set time
    It can be very hard to separate work and leisure time working from home.  Especially when you have your work laptop or cell phone around 24/7.  Make sure to power down at a certain time and enjoy your leisure or family time.
  5. Set boundaries with your “coworkers”
    Whether you have a roommate, partner, children, or just dogs, they can all be interruptive to your work.  Let your housemates know when you’ve got important calls or can’t be disturbed.  Let them know to keep noise to a minimum while you’re working.  If you can, close your office door or put the dogs outside to keep them from barking in the background on conference calls.

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