Traditional Hr Vs Digital Hr

How to put an end to all your HR related paperwork by using Flock?

Like many companies in the United States today, you're challenged with the overwhelming tasks of processing all HR activities. From sourcing the right candidate to onboarding, managing payroll, and benefits to offboarding an employee.

It is an extremely time and energy consuming affair. HR in today's world has evolved enormously. It is now at crossroads, as technology can now accomplish many of those traditional responsibilities faster, cheaper, and better than before.

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In today's on-going war for talent, 71% of the US labor force is constantly on the job market. Even those currently employed are actively looking. All of this turnover takes a heavy toll on HR administrators and employers.

Source: Jobvite
Source: Jobvite

Imagine the time it would take for each company to onboard/off-board, engage, manage payroll and benefits for every single employee! (Horrifying isn’t it?)

It’s the right time to switch to the modern and digital ways to handle all your HR tasks and activities.


Flock has the solution!

Flock has helped clients in:

  • Faster, digital and smooth employee onboarding/offboarding.
  • Reducing the burden of your benefits administration.
  • Taking a break from your time-off tracking.
  • ACA compliance you can depend on.


We are happy to serve them, and would like you to be a part of our growing family!

HR professionals and employers that embrace the opportunities that technology can provide, however, are able to better allocate their time towards gathering insights beyond their own four walls, outgrowing the traditional concentration on internal compliance.

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