We Are Giving Back This Holiday Season.

Thanksgiving 2017 came in a week early for Flock.

’Tis the season of giving, and one of the most rewarding aspects of running a small business is having the freedom and flexibility to make a difference in the community. This Thanksgiving, we decided to do something different that would make us feel good and as a gratitude to the society, we booked our slot to volunteer for a couple of hours at the SF-Marin Food Bank. We ditched our routine to give back to the community.


According to the Pew Research Center and Corporate Institute, it has been observed that monetary donations usually steal the spotlight, but the innovative approach says that volunteering programs amongst teams and companies make a much larger impact. Employees prefer being part of a company volunteer project rather than donating to a giving campaign. We would not call our effort as charity, but an act was done in the spirit of giving back!


Our project at the SF-Marin food bank involved gathering all the oranges in boxes, packing them, and making them ready to load in trucks for being transported. The philosophy “No one should be hungry during the holidays” made us choose to participate in this event for the holiday season.


As we completed packing all the oranges in the boxes, the guide at the SF-Marin food bank told us a small story and how we were making a difference by volunteering. The story was about a construction worker losing his job due to a paralytic attack, due to which his family ran out of money. But with the help of the food bank, the family was able to get their life back on track. He also mentioned that these volunteering projects save them an amount of $1.6 million per year, which is HUGE!

Volunteering during the holidays can be an incredibly rewarding experience, especially when it’s with your startup family. It was simply a delight to be a part of this beautiful initiative for all the Flockers! :)

What Thanksgiving tradition does your company practice every year?

You can share the ways in which you’ve incorporated volunteering into the holiday season or simply tell us how you and your team have decided to celebrate Thanksgiving 2017 by reaching out to us on Twitter and Facebook.

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