Why A Small Business Should Consider Implementing Hr Software

In today’s tech-savvy world you are using software for your marketing, accounting, and management so why not for HR?

Businesses and companies using HR software call it more of a necessity than a luxury. Not only do HR Softwares help in smoothening your current HR activities, but they also can help in improving the overall performance of the employees and boost productivity.

Firstly, let's answer this question of what is an HR software?

It is simply a platform built with a combination of different systems to ensure company’ employees are readily accessible when required and the information is properly stored. An HR software will typically include onboarding, benefits administration, data management, employee reporting, payroll management, time-off tracking or some combination of these functions.

More than half the businesses in the united states are implementing HR software, are you?

HR software is becoming more prevalent and is forecast to be a $9.2 billion market by 2020. According to a survey done by a division of Deloitte, more than half of businesses are projecting that they’ll make an HR software purchase within the next 18 months.

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Challenges faced by small businesses in managing HR activities through their current processes

Businesses of every size are impacted by the need for better hiring practices, talent management, employee onboarding, benefits management, employee engagement and the software industry itself has evolved to meet these demands. At the industry level, things are looking up. But small businesses still face a number of challenges like:

Employee Onboarding: Most of the times the HR managers and administrators are busy preparing and working through the traditional paperwork and compliances to onboard new hires, wherein they miss out on effectively engaging with the new employees at the beginning of their work period.

Employee Attrition Rate: It is a challenge for HR managers to invest in the right talents for the company and make them stick for a long period of time. It is essential to create the right strategy in building an attractive work culture and an enhanced employee experience throughout the steps of the entire employee lifecycle. If not done in the right manner small businesses lose good employees to competitors that offer higher salaries and better benefits.

No dedicated HR staff: Most of the Small businesses either assign HR responsibilities to a cross-functional manager or to a single, in-house HR administrator or to a consultant. In either scenario, a single person handles onboarding, payroll, and benefits, time tracking, grievances/disciplinary action, hiring, and promotions.

Managing HR reforms & compliances: HR regulations are in a constant state of flux. Small businesses must balance record-keeping etiquette with ACA reporting and compliance, healthcare reform, tax codes, and labor laws. Armed with only a file cabinet and the Sunday paper, this is sure to result in mistakes, processing delays, and, in worst cases, legal fines.

Integrating HR Software Into Your Business

Human Resources Information System is designed to streamline processes managed by human resources departments. Having a centralized human resources solution will help you run your business more efficiently, and eventually grow it easily and efficiently too.

Managing a workforce is a huge task, and human resources specialists have a lot on their plates. Fifty-nine percent of executives believe that the biggest challenge, when it comes to HR, is of retaining and rewarding good employees, while the runner-up also at more than 50 percent was cultivating those employees into leaders and management. HR systems can help manage these tasks.

A new world for HR technology is on the horizon. Mobile and software technologies are allowing HR leaders to revolutionize the employee experiences. Digital HR platforms can help small businesses alleviate these pain points by automating administrative tasks, record-keeping, and compliance, and by giving HR coordinators tools to find and retain the best talent.

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