Why Employee Wellness Should Include Dental Benefits

Employee wellness is often incomplete. In fact, most wellness programs promote physical fitness and regular checkups and exams but fail to acknowledge one critical area: Oral health.

Dental health is important because it can indicate more serious illnesses and disorders, including heart disease, osteoporosis, and even diabetes. However, many wellness programs don’t include dental benefits and instead, focus (almost) too much on medical health in an incomplete way.

In this article, we discuss why dental benefits are important and why if you’re an employer, you need to integrate oral health into your wellness initiatives.

Oral Health Benefits Serve the Same Role as Other Wellness Initiatives..

...meaning that both are intended to encourage employees to stay on top of their health through preventive care and good habits. A study by the National Association of Dental Plans reveals that only 64 percent of the population currently enjoys dental benefits. As you can imagine, the same study reveals that these individuals are more likely to go to the dentist, take their children to see the dentist, enjoy restorative care, and experience greater comprehensive health.

Unfortunately, dental initiatives aren’t supported by most SMB owners or business owners find that incorporating these benefits into existing programs is just too costly. But, with recommendations to receive at least one annual check up per year, it’s vital that employers shift their perspective and understand that footing this bill is essential for employee health and well-being.

Dental Insurance is a Demand Placed Upon Businesses by Millennials, Among Others

As millennials in the workforce continue to grow, so does the mounting pressure and demand for dental benefits. As such, it’s important that you prioritize benefits and even cover services such as orthodontics, implants, fillings, and more!

Remember, benefits are one of the easiest ways you can attract and retain top talent, especially of younger workers, in your industry. As such, dental benefits aren’t becoming a choice, but rather a necessity.

Organize Benefits and Wellness Initiatives With Flock

If you’ve been considering dental coverage but haven’t taken the proper steps to implement it in your organization, Flock can help. Flock keeps benefits visible 24/7 while also maintaining compliance at federal and state levels, centralizing data storage, and tracking time off.

Learn more about the features or benefits or sign up today (it’s free) to maximize exposure of your benefits and get employees involved in both medical and dental coverage designed to keep them well and at work.

So tell us: Do you currently offer dental benefits to employees? Why or why not? Is it cost-related or do you have another reason? We look forward to your comments below!

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