Why Workplace Culture And Benefits Matter More Than A High Salary

As an employer, what do you believe prospective (and current) employees value most about their job? Is it a large paycheck?

If you’re like many, you assume that a high paycheck is prioritized well above benefits of something like company culture. But according to a recent survey jointly conducted by Unum and, paycheck isn’t everything.

Out of 468 Job Seekers, Characteristics Seen as Most and Very Important Were Striking

Many employees work at any job for a specific purpose. And regardless of whether they’re satisfied with their job or fulfilling a passion in life, they need the job for one main reason: To survive. This being said, it would seem logical that a high paycheck would matter most for employees.

But in this survey with 468 job seekers, the opposite is true. Here are the characteristics deemed most important by these individuals:

  • 87 percent - Value when a company cares about the well-being of its employees.
  • 84 percent - Value when they are presented with a challenging, personally fulfilling role.
  • 82 percent - Value job security.
  • 74 percent - Value an attractive benefits package.

In contrast, just 66 percent of respondents reported a high salary as very important and just over 50 percent believed the same about bonuses.

Benefits and a Strong Company Culture are Beneficial for Companies, Too

While it is job seekers who place the most value on benefits and a strong company culture, this doesn’t go unnoticed by companies. In fact, most small businesses, much like yours, view benefits and company culture as two qualities that support financial stability for employees. Subsequently, this creates an engaged, productive workplace that benefits a company and employees alike.

Moreover, the best workers are often those attracted to a position by elements such as culture in the workplace and a value-driven benefits package. Those who want a position only for the high salary may perform well, but will lack the engagement that fosters an environment individuals enjoy returning to work on a daily basis.

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