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Company Overview

Who is Flock?

Flock is a robust all-in-one HR, Benefits, and Compliance solution available to small to midsize businesses. Flock’s HRIS and Benefits Administration platform delivers enterprise level functionality, dependability and simplicity of use.

We believe in the power of trusted benefits advisors, and have built Flock from the ground up to be the premier broker-friendly BenAdmin platform. Designed with unparalleled analytical tools to complement a brokers’ deep domain and compliance expertise. Our HR features within Flock are available to employers at minimal to no cost for as long as they like with benefits management and compliance available as buy-up options, please ask your broker for more information.

Who is on the Flock team?

Flock is a customer-centric firm made up of people in the industry for people in the industry. Our focus is on adding features that benefit the end-user, save time, add convenience and engagement. Our core team consists of Flock, brokers, HR Ops/ employers, and carriers who have all lived the challenges that we’re solving.

Who does Flock compete with?

We compete with the ‘modern technology brokers’* you’ve either read or heard about who require you to give up your existing broker. We’re not a call center, but a real company with people ready to help you. Our goal is to level the online HRIS and employee benefits playing field with powerful technology, personalized customer service and the freedom to let you choose your broker. We’re not health insurance brokers. Instead, we’re technologists that combine our software expertise with a health insurance brokers deep domain experience.

When was Flock established?

Flock launched in 2015 and we have continued to grow with thousands of employees and employers on the platform. We are based San Francisco and Bangalore.

Flock for HR managers and employees

How can Flock help me as an HR manager or Health Insurance Broker?

If you’re an HR manager, Flock simplifies and automates the HR and Ben Admin tasks that take up so much of your time including employee onboarding (W4's, I9s, Documents, Offer Letters, etc.), time-off tracking, employee engagement, and employee offboarding. With Flock, you can be confident that you’ll stay ACA compliant, have access to a complete HR and benefits solution and keep the partnerships with the service providers you value the most.

If you’re a broker, Flock levels the playing field between you and the ‘modern technology brokers’* with an online solution that integrates HRIS systems with benefits admin. You know how much your clients value a great technical and product experience and the personal relationship they have with you. Flock gives you a fast and easy way to bridge the gap between both so you can add greater value. Our goal is to help you retain your clients’ business so you can keep growing yours. * Zenefits, Gusto, Namely, etc

How many employees do I need to have in order to use Flock?

You can have as few as 5 and as many as 500 employees to use Flock. While we can accommodate companies with up to 10,000 employees, however our product is designed for companies with less than 500 employees.

How would you describe Flock from an HR perspective?

Flock is a robust employee engagement tool that you can use to broadcast messages, conduct polls, send out reminders and connect with your employees through a social network. Flock will save you money and time so you can get back to the more important aspects of managing people.

Flock for brokers

How do I become a preferred broker? Or get licensed to sell Flock?contact us at and email ID

Preferred brokers are selected by Flock based on a set of criteria. If you are interested in becoming a preferred broker or becoming a licensed broker, please contact us at sales@helloflock.com.

Do you work with a variety of carriers across the country?

Yes, we partner with the most prestigious insurance brokers and carriers in the country and are regularly adding new partnerships to our flock.

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