Simplify Onboarding

Simplify onboarding and impress your new hires with an automated process instead of a stack of paperwork. Flock’s onboarding tools help employees quickly integrate into the workforce by making it easy to sign-up for benefits, create an employee profile and complete other administrative tasks that can take time away from more important things like meeting co-workers, on-the-job training and learning where the snacks are kept.

Broker Managed Benefits

Work with your broker to configure a plan design that’s specific to you for everything from open enrollment to life events to simple address changes. Flock’s benefits admin tool makes it easy for you to manage your benefits program so that all your employees ever see is their great benefits package.

Ensure Total Compliance

Confused by the complex and constantly changing world of employee benefits and compliance? You’re not alone. Flock’s powerful analytics and reporting tools help you stay compliant with all State and Federal requirements. What were once manual, time-consuming and complex tasks can now be done simply and with high-tech efficiency.

Engage Employees

Change the way you and your employees connect with each other and stay engaged with the company’s mission from hire to retire. Flock’s HR software lets you create broadcast messages, polls, anniversary and birthday reminders, and other social networking tools that will keep your employees happy, healthy and wise.

Track Time Off

Take a vacation from tracking complex accruals, carryover caps, tenure, employee milestones and time-off the old-fashioned way. Flock’s HR analytics reports make it easy to download preconfigured reports or customize your own with a few clicks. See at a glance who is out of the office or has requested time-off so you’re never caught shorthanded and can enjoy your holiday in peace.

Customize Forms

Delight your employees with an online, anytime, anywhere HR and benefits experience. It’s safe to say that no one looks for more paperwork. Flock’s all-in-one platform helps companies manage their vital HR, benefits and compliance needs paperlessly, and in a secure online environment that will finally allow you to ditch that filing cabinet.

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