Do I need to sign up for a Checkr account?

If you already have a Checkr account you can easily link your existing account through the integration steps below. Otherwise, you can sign up for a Checkr account for free.

Is there any charge for the integration?

The integration is free for all Flock customers. However, Checkr will charge for background check reports based on the package selected. See more information below.

What background check packages are currently supported?

We currently support Checkr's Typical Criminal Screening Pro Package (Checkr charges $35) and will be supporting more packages soon. This package includes:

  1. Identity Verification
  2. Sex Offender Registry Check
  3. Global Watchlist Check
  4. National Criminal Records Check
  5. County Criminal Records Check

How do I begin the integration process between Checkr and Flock?

1. As a company administrator, go to Settings > Apps. Select “get started” under the Checkr logo.

2. Click on Connect with Checkr button to get started with the integration process.

3. You will be redirected to Checkr application where you can either login to your existing Checkr account or create a new account. From here you will be prompted to authorize the Flock Connector.

4. After authorizing the connector, you will be redirected back to Flock. Checkr will verify and authorize your account in a day or two, please be patient. Once complete, you will see the green check mark on Checkr App. Your account is now configured with Flock to run background checks.

5. You can now run background checks on your candidates from Flock on the People > Offers tab.

6. Return to the Offers tab to see the state of the background checks you’ve started.

7. When a background check is initiated, the candidate will receive an email with a link to complete a simple form with a number of required fields.

8. Throughout the background check process, the status on the candidate will change like the one shown below.

9. When the background check is complete, you can also see the status on your Checkr dashboard.

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