How do I begin the integration process between Greenhouse and Flock?

1. Log in as a Company Admin.

2. Click on "Settings", then "Apps", then "Greenhouse". There won't be a checkmark unless you've previously activated the integration for this company.

3. On the second page of the Greenhouse Integration Sign Up, generate a secret key.

4. In a new tab, go to the "Create a New Web Hook" form at

  • When field should be Candidate has been hired
  • Endpoint URL field should be
  • Secret Key should be the new key generated in step 3.

5. That should do it. If you don't get a Web hook updated! message or the web hook is automatically resetting itself to disabled, double-check the endpoint url and try again. Make sure to double-check the activation on step three of the Integration Sign Up flow back in the Flock app:

Once that's done, the endpoint is set up properly.

How do I hire a new employee in

Having set up the web hook, you just need to hire an employee.

1. When a candidate is Marked as Hired, Greenhouse will automatically send us the information about the candidate and create an Employee account, in Flock.

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