🎉 Paychex acquires Flock to provide state-of-the-art benefits administration software
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Manage your team’s performance with ease.

Leverage the power of your collective workforce by communicating clear objectives that employees and managers can get on board with.

Create goals


4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


Continuous performance and goal tracking allow leadership to see the progress of projects clearly while keeping in mind which employees are hitting the mark and which need guidance.

Make sure everyone stays on the same page. Reminders are sent automatically to make sure that updates are shared regularly.

“Flock has been extremely helpful in streamlining the HR processes for Zumper..”


Don't wait for the end of the month to realize that you're off-track. Share progress early and often with updates.

“Employee benefits communication is so much simpler on the Flock platform.”

Cecil College

See the history of changes and discuss progress in context. Track progress on the entire review process and monitor where each team member stands within the cycle.

“Flock has helped reduce the administrative burden on the HR to a great extent.”

Customer name, Job title

Built-in rating template and evaluation process with the ability to add an employee's performance score for each review cycle.

“Flock is a great, user-friendly and cool product our employees love to use.”

BlackBag Technologies.

Easy to Manage

Enroll in your company’s medical, dental and vision plans with ease. Compare your plans side by side with a single dashboard showing employee and employer contributions in the simplest format.

For Everyone

Discover performance issues before they go unresolved
and locate your high performers for further development
with easy to view reports. With Flock, everyone in your
team can get real-time and continuous feedback.

Clearly communicate feedback for employees on a real-time and 1-1 basis, thereby increasing their project as well as overall performance.

“The support team at Flock is awesome, they make sure you are using the Flock platform in the best possible way.”

Defense Consulting Service

Managers can establish a direct channel with their team members on a one-on-one basis via Flock’s goal feature. A seamless way to track employee performance and progress, especially for managers.

“Flock has been a great partner for the entire Epix team including our leadership and employees.”

Epix Healthcare

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