🎉 Paychex acquires Flock to provide state-of-the-art benefits administration software
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Reports that you can rely on all the time.

With Flock's Reporting—you can easily visualize key HR data and gain valuable insights.

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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating

Preconfigured Reports

Flock provides a wide variety of preconfigured, downloadable reports including HR, Benefits, equal opportunity data, headcount and turnover.

HRIS Reports
Keep your HR managers always aligned to the activities of the employees with customizable, auto-generated reporting. With Flock, it’s not only easier to keep HR information up to date, but it’s also simpler to get the most from it, too.
Payroll Reports
Quickly access and manage all your labor expenses and receive real-time information on wages paid, taxes withheld, pay rate, and hours worked to support your business and increase your profit margin.
Enrollment Reports
Manage your open enrollment with the click of a button.  Flock enrollment reporting allows you to quickly know who has enrolled in your company’s benefits and who still needs to sign up.  Send messages to encourage enrollment or provide updates on new benefit offerings.
Benefits Reports
Seamlessly manage your employee health benefits and have full control to administer those benefits all through the Flock platform - relieving you from the varied complexities of benefits management.

Custom Reports

You can also create a custom report that captures the data fields you’re most interested in, and re-run it at any time to reflect the latest information.

Schedule Reports

Schedule your most important reports to be sent to you at any frequency you choose. Reports can be sent to anyone inside or outside of your organization, including your broker or CPA.

Real-time Reports

Any changes made to company or employee-level data are automatically reflected in reports.

Role Based Reports

If a report contains sensitive or restricted information, only those users with the appropriate permissions have access.

Advanced permissions give team access—only to the data they need and are approved for—giving complete control over your data.

“Flock is a great, user-friendly and cool product our employees love to use. With robust reporting, data management, seamless onboarding and above all an excellent customer service - Flock makes our life much more simple.”

Human Resources

Track and audit the history of any field change in Flock and have complete control of your employee data.

“I have used several HR and Benefits software, but Flock has been the best out of all. It’s a great HR and Benefits platform, available on mobile too. Highly recommend this platform to all the companies who are looking to provide a first-class onboarding and benefits enrollment experience to employees.”

LaTonya, Human Resources

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