How Flock seamlessly managed benefits enrollment for Myriad Supply.

Myriad Supply is a cybersecurity consultancy and integrator firm with over 15 years of experience and financial strength in the tech industry. They believe an open communications plan and a culture intent on both employee and customer happiness, is the key to move things up the ladder as quickly as needed.

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Flock helps us seamlessly manage Benefits Enrollment. It’s user-friendly experience makes it simple for our employees to change benefit elections and make updates as needed on the Flock platform.
Amy B.
Director, People Operation
Myriad Supply


For Myriad supply, it used to be that managing employee benefits were just an operating expense, the cost of doing business, represented by a litany of tedious administrative tasks and mountains of paperwork. At times, it could get difficult even to get up from their desks for five minutes to stretch their legs, let alone give any serious thought to strategy. It became extremely difficult to track and report on benefit eligibility, dependents, waiting periods, health care coverage offerings and enrollment.

There was a need for a ben admin platform that could provide more accurate information and a way for employers to make better decisions about what benefits to offer, how to communicate those benefits to employees and how to help them extract the intended value from their benefits.


Flock’s employee benefits administration technology has proven to be an easy-to-use, intuitive and functional tool for the HR team at Myriad Supply. The self-service enrollment interface enables employees to enroll online at their leisure while receiving support for educated decision making from the HR team. The reports are helpful to get an accurate view who has enrolled and who has not for compliance purposes. Overall, the system has led to a better visibility and visualization of real-time benefits data.

  • Benefits Enrollment made easy
  • Seamless integration with Payroll and HRIS,

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