How Flock helped Sequoia consulting to modernize their onboarding process

Sequoia Consulting Group partners with life sciences organizations from startups to big pharma, to provide best-in-class leadership, guidance and expertise in an ongoing journey of growth through the life science lifecycle, with sustained success and optimized efficiency.

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It’s a great platform for any company looking to streamline HR administration. Our onboarding and benefits admin process are vastly more efficient, and we have really benefited from its ease of use and self-service functionality. Thank you for offering a great service at an affordable price point!
Natalie D.
Corporate Account
Sequoia Consulting


Sequoia was looking for a cost-effective means to simplify and modernize the onboarding process, house employee information, and manage benefits enrollment and PTO requests, all in one place. Prior to using Flock, onboarding, benefits enrollment, and PTO requests were all paper-based, which our HR team at Sequoia found to be overly cumbersome to track and file as hiring activity accelerated. There was also a need to offer a platform that employees could access anywhere, as 90% of Sequoia’s workforce works remotely.


With Flock, Sequoia was able to provide the best work experience possible to their employees, and now feel that Flock has become a valued partner in delivering that experience. It has helped to automate the onboarding and benefits enrollment processes, which makes business at Sequoia more efficient while allowing employees more time to focus on their core business. Employees at Sequoia have heavily benefited from the reference documents section, which provides an easy means for our largely remote workforce to access company information from their phone or laptop.

  • Seamless Employee Onboarding
  • Benefits Enrollment
  • Mobile Optimized and Easily Accessible

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