How Taylor Metal has simplified its benefits enrollment using Flock’s robust benefits administration platform

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Being a manufacturing company, it was difficult to make a technological shift to manage the HR processes on a software platform. But with Flock the transition has worked out amazingly well, it has helped reduce the administrative burden on the HR to a great extent and our employees love it!
Chris F.
Human Resources
Taylor Metal


Taylor Metal prior to using Flock internally self-managed their HR process and benefits enrollment through age-old tedious paperwork and distributing paperforms to their employees. There was a need for a shift from these time-consuming HR and benefits paperwork to a simple platform to manage these activities.

Benefits selection was complex and effective communication was essential to unfold the neverending, complex mysteries of selecting the right benefits for the employees. That’s how Flock’s HRIS and Benefits administration portal came into picture.


From the time Taylor Metal has started using Flock for its HR and Benefits, it has not only helped the HR to considerably reduce the time spent on administrative tasks but also has helped employees in easy benefits enrollment.

The Ben Admin portal allows the HR admins to make the benefits more acceptable to employees, making it more streamlined and easy-to-understand.

  • Simplified Benefits Enrollment
  • Manage Employee Data effectively

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