How Flock helped Zumper in simplifying its HRIS and onboarding activities is building the next generation of house and apartment rental platforms. With both a consumer and B2B approach, Zumper built the first ever search-through-close rental platform where a renter can pull out his/her phone while at an open house or tour, and submit an instant & guaranteed rental application with one tap.

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Flock has been extremely helpful in streamlining HR processes for Zumper and our employees love it!
Monique B.
Head of People Operations


From automating offer letters, simplifying onboarding for new hires to further engaging them from time-to-time, learning and managing fast-evolving technology continues challenge for HR folks. Zumper too while growing at a very fast rate, faced the challenge of consolidating and simplifying their HRIS activities.

While transitioning from a PEO, there was a need for a user-friendly and robust system to effortlessly manage Zumper’s employee HRIS and new hire onboarding.


Zumper uses Flock’s HRIS platform for its onboarding, offboarding and time-off features. It’s a platform that has helped make onboarding super simple easy both from an admin as well as the employee perspective. Setting up tasks for the new hires and making sure they are completed within the right time frame has been so convenient through the Flock platform.

More than 90% of the new hires at Zumper complete their onboarding tasks even before their first day at work. It has tremendously helped in saving a great amount of time in setting up the new employees at work.

  • Simplified Self-Onboarding
  • Streamlined HR process
  • Easy Task Management

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