A few kind words from our happy customers
News and Review

“Flock has completely transformed the way we engage with our teams. The user-friendly task system has made onboarding and the benefits enrollment process easy to navigate for staff, and the accessibility of reference documents has really empowered our employees. All this plus a well-designed user interface has made Flock an essential tool for our company.”

David Stogner

Director of People & Culture @ News & Review

"We recently converted our on-boarding and benefits administration to Flock. The process for our staff has been simplified and the ease of use for end users was very well received. The staff at Flock was very attentive to our needs and has helped us develop an administration tool that will help reduce the burden on our support staff in HR and Finance allowing them to focus on the other process that they manage. We would recommend Flock to any business looking to maximize their process while minimizing the need to add additional staff."

Ben Riggs

HR Director @ Briotix

Epix Healthcare

“Flock is a forward-thinking and progressive platform – they bring creative solutions in a timely way. They understand every system can improve and their team has shown an ability to deliver on continual process improvement. Flock has been a great partner for the entire Epix team: leadership, employees and carriers. As a medium-sized company that’s growing quickly, we believe that Flock has the ability to grow with us.”

Brian Trapnell

VP of Human Resources @ Epix Healthcare

"We like the ease of use and rich features of Flock’s HR & Benefits platform,” said Pek Lum, CEO of Capella Biosciences. “Seamlessly hiring and integrating talented people is crucial to our ability to grow and address our opportunities. Flock is a valued provider who plays a key role in this process.”

Pek Lum

CEO @ Capella

"Flock is a great fit for my company and managing your HR—my employees love it, too. Highly recommended."

Leo Conner

Flock’s all encompassing HR, Benefits, & Compliance platform is a very useful tool for H2Optx Inc. as we grow our team from 5 to 20 employees over the next year to support exploding customer demand,” said Rudy Hofmeister, Ph.D, Chief Executive Officer and founder of H2Optx Inc. “Its easy integration with our current outsourced insurance allows us to use the online technology features of Flock’s products without disrupting the excellent customer service we get from our insurance broker today.”

Rudy Hofmeister, Ph.D

CEO and Founder @ H2Optx Inc.

“Flock nailed ACA! The Flock team was outstanding, and the process in all honesty was about as painless as it could possibly be. I love the fact that I can go in and generate an individual form when someone loses theirs (something I could not do with other systems). We used the task feature in Flock to deliver the forms to active employees and printed/mailed those for termed / and those employees on leave. And it could not have been easier. The process was “darn close to perfection.” I wish I have the capability to add digital fireworks to this email... because that is how I feel having wrapped up ACA reporting!”

"Flock has been an essential partner as we continue market to a more sophisticated clientele. They have met and exceeded our expectations when it comes to providing our employer group customers with a robust menu of HRIS requirements. They strike a healthy balance between size and responsiveness- they are capable of providing resources while still maintaining the ability to respond to the specific requirements of our clients. We look forward to a continued strong relationship with Flock as an important part of our current and future agency success."

Dave Burbidge

Employee Benefits Advisor @ The Leavitt Group

“One of our long-term client's recently saw what Flock’s all-in-one HR, Benefits and Compliance platform could do together along with InterWest’s brokerage expertise. Although they had recently reviewed several payroll and HRIS platforms and had considered a change, the client was very impressed with our investment in Flock’s integrated solution tying a modern technology broker that offers experienced consultative insurance services with a solid HRIS platform”.

James Bulotti Jr.

VP of Benefits @ InterWest Insurance

"We are proud to be a Flock Broker-Partner. Our customers like the personalized service, insight and cost savings Heffernan provides them as a leading Insurance Broker, but also want a suite of HR, Benefits and Compliance technology for convenient online access. We’ve reviewed other software solutions from about a dozen providers and selected Flock’s products as the best fit for our small to midsize customers’ needs. We believe that the combination of Heffernan Insurance Brokers and Flock provides the perfect combination of technology and service that our customers demand.”

Mike Heffernan

CEO @ Heffernan Insurance Brokers

“What impressed ABD was that Flock was the first to really understand the employee cycle from hire to retire and then turn that understanding into an eloquent solution for the SMB space; freeing their leadership teams to focus on the task of growing their business. Flock’s all-in-one HR, Benefits and compliance platform eliminates numerous pain points for both ABD and the clients we serve; which allows us to focus on the bigger issues of controlling the cost of insurance while driving employee satisfaction and increasing advocacy.”

Darren Brown

EVP & Founding Principal @ ABD Team

“Flock stepped in and went above and beyond to assist one of our mutual clients in meeting their ACA reporting deadline at the VERY last minute! Great teamwork!”

Kris Datwyler | Assistant VP & Sr. Account Executive @ ABD Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.